Who is Jennifer?



Jennifer is unique in her approach to Image Consulting her high energy, constant creativity and ‘can do’ attitude are contagious, and she is a walking wardrobe of the secrets to style.

Jennifer has trained with some of the industries finest and is internationally trained and recognized in Women’s and Men’s Styling, Personal Colour Direction and Presenting Certification. (Currently presenting on Foxtels channel 183).

She is a fully accredited member of the professional body Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Qualifications aside high caliber styling is more of an art and a life long passion to Jennifer. She treats every woman as an individual, who has her own unique wants, needs and desires.

After many years in the industry Jennifer says:

Jennifer“It’s not about having the trendiest clothes, the most expensive, or the most fashionable. It’s about what looks best on YOU, YOUR body, and how YOU use this to DEFINE who YOU are to the world. I teach women skills to empower them to take charge of their own image ” says Jennifer.

Jennifer’s love for colours, textures, fabrics and clothing has been uniquely combined to offer abundantly creative, personalised and intuitive styling with a very professional, fun and interactive edge for women with every day needs.

Her innate creativity — sharp eye for style, detail and colour – means she can see “the BIGGER PICTURE” and give women the tailor made tools to look, feel and be their best.Jennifer’s holds: HND in Business and Finance, Bachelor of Business and Marketing, Postgrad. Dip in Radio and TV Journalism.



Association Image Consultants International



My experience with Jennifer has been an awesome and  positive experience.  I can now put an outfit together with confidence and feel like I have a definite style which reflects my personality.  Highlights for me were receiving my very own colour profile  (very handy!), discovering new shops (soooo much fun) and getting a make-up lesson (who knew blusher was so easy??)  Now each morning instead of ummming and ahhhing over what to wear, I gleefully put together an outfit and skip out the door.  Working with Jenny was fun and easy and I hope to go shopping with her again…soon! (shhhh, don’t tell my husband)

DEE, Magazine Editor